Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It seems that some things are a little early this year.  The crabapple is about 10 days early.  This photo was taken a couple of years ago, but it was better than some and it looks the same, covered with beautiful off white blossoms containing a hint of pink.

The bleeding heart is knocking itself out.  The plant is beautiful this spring, no bugs bugging it.   Surprisingly the aphids are no where to be found.

  There are many little hearts this year.  I should try painting some of these little things.  Perhaps today would be a good day if the wind is not blowing. 

The tulips are few and far between.  Most are still waiting to unfold.  This is one my daughter brought back from her visit to Europe in 2001.  Wow, time flies!!!  Hard to believe it has been that long.

The daffodils are still holding on, surprising because it was so warm earlier.  These are a later blooming variety, but we have had daffodils for weeks now.  

And last but not least, the greenhouse.  Most of the plants are quite small yet.  I don't like setting the garden plants out until late May.  Most are only three weeks old, but in another three weeks time these little things will be quite large.  Or at least that if my hope.  

I have planted 10 varieties of cabbage, 9 different tomatoes, 6 kinds of peppers, 7 varieties of onions, gourds, different flowers such as verbena, toad flax, African daisies, poppies, petunias, lobelia, and the alyssum will be planted next week.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Weather Stick

 I can see this new format will take a bit of getting use to.  I published this post once today, but somehow lost it in translation or somewhere.

To the right is my Vermont Weather Stick .  I received this unique little stick from my husband as a Christmas gift. 

It took awhile to get it hung under the eave, but that didn't matter since we really had little weather of any significance other than wind this past winter and early spring.  

The little stick usually is turned skyward, much more 
so than it is today, top photo.  We are wondering if the poor little thing is defective or just hasn't acclimated itself to Colorado weather patterns and conditions.  Which would be understandable since it grew up in Vermont.  

It is interesting to say the least and surprising that the little stick does move.  I will post a photo of it turned skyward one of these days.  The second photo was take after we received some rain last week.

I am currently taking a journal class from Jane LaFazio on Joggles.  Why, I don't know!!!  I love Jane's classes, but I have little desire to do anything right now.  I guess I am still recovering from being sick and trying to keep up with the daily things.  I did do the first assignment, which is not one of the best things I have drawn and painted.  I couldn't find my good watercolors, they were hiding out down in the sewing room.  Can't say as I blame them.  I do need to get them out and get going on this class as it is fun.  I have at least been reading the lessons.  Not that it gets the work done.  Which is one thing I really want to focus on this year, "Doing the Work!"  It is only mid April, there is still time to kick it in gear.