Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Christmas !!!!

I use to love this time of year. Not sure what happened this year though. I had a few thoughts on the possibilities, but didn't want to bring too much negativity into the blog and most of my opinions on the current crisis our country faces are probably better left unpublished. They might shut my blog down.

We haven't gotten the tree up yet, but will. Heck I still have 7 days left. Not as many of the decorations are going to find their way out of the storeroom this year, but that is okay, won't take as long to put everything away. I still like the year I left them all out on the snooker table and just brought them back up without having to unpack anything. Easiest decorating I every did! Haven't purchased many gifts either and I don't think we will.

I have cleaned way too much the past month and a half and the dyeing and sewing have been non-existent. The baby quilt I am making my grandchild is still just sitting there with the dragonfly block ripped out of it, waiting for my return and the making of another one. Looks like that will be a gift after Christmas, no way is it going to get done at this point in time.

The Guild color study project is still sitting there and it was suppose to be done in November. Was I glad that meeting was cancelled. It would have been completed had I not had to get the sample made for the Retreat our Guild held in November. That piece turned out to be very distressing!!!! Let's say that it won't be seen at the Quilt Show this coming October, at least not as it is now. The Retreat was great though and everyone had some very nice projects going.
So the push will be on after Christmas to finish the Guild color study project I started this year before the January '09 meeting. Sort of important that I get this done since I am the one in charge, encouraging everyone else to get theirs completed.

I canned the last of the sauerkraut on Monday. The canning kettles have finally made their way back to the garage shelves. I didn't think I was ever going to get that stuff done this year. I did have the experience of having the side of a jar blow out the other day when processing. Anyway, we put up 96 pounds this year. I think that will hold us and those we share it with for a little while. One of the things I liked best that I put up was the Tomato Relish, not sure how much of that I am going to share.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Christmas and I pray that our country and way of life will still be around next year at this time.