Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 3 Fading Fast

We have completed day 3 of our workshop. The balloon I finished turned out better than expected, BUT the proof is yet to come. I will wash it out in the morning before going to class. That is when the real work will be seen.
We will start machine quilting our pieces tomorrow. Should be interesting. It will be interesting to see how the new threads work, wish I had those fluorescent ones sitting at home. I will be able to borrow some if I get to that point.
Hollis should her slides and discussed her work. Awesome pieces. She demonstrated on the machine how to do hair, leaves, bringing the thread out into another color to show it off. I like her style, wish I had taken a class from her long ago.
Betty Ann, Jerri from St. Louis, Linda, Sharon and I went out to supper at the place that has Whaler's in its name. Had crab cakes, they were very good.
Has been enjoyable getting to be with Betty Ann and Beth along with Sharon and Linda. I have meant some very nice women in this class.

Day two

Even though day 3 is about to get underway, I am posting info about day 2. It was a long day, but a satisfying one. We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and left at 8:50 p.m. I have completed one piece, the turtle, and have the trees to finish on the hot air balloon piece. I was very pleased with the turtle, it turned out far better than I had hoped or perhaps I should say far better than I thought it was possible for me to achieve. Always nice to have pleasant surprises.
I would have to rate this workshop as the best workshop I have taken, my expectations have been exceeded.
Today, Wed, we will finish dye painting our pieces and Hollis will begin with instruction on stitching the pieces, another adventure about to begin. It was very interesting when we viewed and discussed her two pieces that are currently hanging in the museum, with Hollis being the person discussing it with us. It is difficult to describe her work to those who have not seen it in person. I find her pieces to be moving, thought provoking, intense.
So I am going to close as the computer is perched on the corner of the bathroom sink. I am trying to be quiet and for those who have traveled or live(d) with me, you know what a challenge that can be! I already had to play pickup sticks with my paint brushes in the dark, but I found all of them. Also my mouse pad is a piece of paper and it wants to move along with the mouse. There is probably one in the bag, but there is barely enough room on the side of the sink for a piece of paper folded in half.
To those I correspond with through various e-mail carriers, some aren't working right. Will try later, this is the best you will get for now.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hi everyone!! Notice, picture to left, things are working again!!!!

This is where we are attending the workshop. This is the first workshop I have atteneded where I really feel comfortable. Hollis is an excellent instructor. There are 20 women in our class, the youngest is a 20 year old from India and I believe 12 other states represented. I am the only Susan there and the only one from CO.

The turtle I am working on is coming along rather slowly and I need to get another drawing transferred to fabric tonight. We will work late tomorrow night until 9:00, so not sure if I will post. We might be worn out by then.

Sharon is working on some cats that are going to very cool, Betty Ann has just about finished some beautiful, raspberry colored petunias, Beth is working on a flower and her friend Danielle is also working on a flower.

I wish I had taken a class like this years ago to learn to just relax and let things happen and not worry about what is going on so much when learning new techniques. She asked those of us who applique to raise our hands right off this morning and said those are the perfectionists that sometimes have problems. What can I say? I am doing my best not to be and I think I am doing pretty good for me.

I do like the technique and it will be fun to do more. I am looking forward to the machine work as well, should have stuck in that fluorescent thread. I still need to do some homework so I am closing for now.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well it is Sunday evening, we are now located in Paducah, KY for the next 5 days.

After staying at the Kensington in Hastings, NE Thursday evening, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward Sharon's, (Alice's friend). I was surprised that it was as dark as it was for 5:45a.m. Sharon told me to watch for the red trailer in the driveway, too dark to see, but the lights were on and as I pulled into the driveway I could see all their luggage and machines sitting there, patiently waiting. I guess they were excited and it didn't take long to load them. We pulled out at 6:01 and we were on our way. Alice, we have MS. Garmin and she has done an excellent job.
We arrived in Paducah around 6:25pm., drove into town and went directly to Caryl Fallert's. They directed us to the Pinecone Art Gallery where we saw the work of Char Downs the owner, along with Denise Havlan who had some of her art quilts on display. We had a an interesting visit with her and she graciously shared some of her techniques. We learned several things that will come in helpful on some project some day.
The Lower Downtown Arts District of Paducah was sponsoring a walking tour of some the shops, studios and homes of those who have moved to Paducah and renovated or built homes in the district. So after purchasing our ticket at the Pinecone gallery we went to several other places. Saw some awesome homes and meet some great people. One thing about Paducah, most everyone you come across is helpful and friendly. We went to supper at the Texas Roadhouse and then headed toward Manor.
We finally made connections with one another and we met Ann, Betty Ann, Chuck and Gwen. They had just returned from seeing Ricky Timms.
We did get a little visiting in before going to bed. That turned out to be an adventure. Needless to say by the next night the mattresses were on the floor and tape was involved in making another bed.
We headed out to Paducah in the morning while the other 4 remind behind. They had already been at it for 4 days. The show was great, picked up a few fun things. Some pieces of silk kimonos, fabric to experiment dyeing, some very cool buttons, hot fix crystals that are probably too small for me use, some overdyed pieces by Wendy Richardson, had to go to Sally's to get threads and yarns, and a drawer unit. One thing I am very excited about. It has 10 drawers that aren't very deep that will work great for embellishment items. So that was a good day. Oh yes, the quilts were beautiful. I saw Pola and then we went over to the new area and had a great visit with Judi and Marc. Her booth looked great!!!
We attempted Hancock's, I didn't last long and Sharon and Linda decided they had had enough rather quickly. The bus loads were there for their last shopping spree. We headed back to the Manor and had a wonderful supper and visited.
Ann's group left this morning while the rest of us came back to Paducah. We went to the museum, checked out the classroom, found our tables and as we were headed out to the vehicle I saw Beth. So now all the Dyehards who are or were here have met one another. We reconnected with Betty Ann at the motel, unloaded and are resting up for the class tomorrow.
I am having trouble posting photos so will attempt to work on that, but don't hold your breath. Until tomorrow.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Layover

I left today around 1:00 for Hastings, NE. First stop was Colby, KS, I needed to pick up a #24 embroidery foot for my machine, also needed a Cherry Coke by that time.
The drive through KS isn't bad through the NW area. Lots of trucks, farmers are busy planting and spraying their fields. It is sort of a depressing drive as one passes through all the little towns that are barely hanging on or have died.
In yesterday's post I mentioned traveling on the Rocket. The Rock Island Railroad was the company back then and when I passed through Jennings, KS today, there was a little sign that said the Rock Island "Rockets". I realized that the tracks running parallel to the highway were the ones I had traveled on years ago. I remember stopping in Omaha and Des Moines. Need to look at the sign on my way back through to see if it is a sports team.
I really enjoyed the drive between Holdridge and Hastings. There is so much flat, beautiful farm land and lots of trucks on the highway.
I meant Sharon this evening, one of the gals that will be traveling on to Paducah with me. She showed me some of her art quilts which are very nice, I think she will do well in the class.
I will post photos in a few days. We did change motels, at least now we will know we have air conditioning.
May not be able to post tomorrow or Sat. as there is very limited internet service at Magnolia Manor, but will have photos on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here we go again

I was going to have all my clothing packed tonight and finish cleaning tomorrow morning. I will be packing my clothes tomorrow morning and clean what I can clean after that. I will be starting the first leg of the journey to Paducah tomorrow after lunch. I will go to Hastings, NE to spend the night and we will leave Friday morning for the 11 hour drive to Paducah.
I know, not the most direct route, but hey, I have to pick up fellow travelers and have you ever driven across KS before??? Need I say more???!! Anyway, I have always wanted to see the southeast corner of NE again. I don't remember much about it when I rode the "Rocket" to Minneapolis with my aunt and cousin, years and years ago. That was the first big trip away from home, I was around 11 or 12.
The reason the clothes aren't packed is that we may have a minor glitch in plans as to where we are going to stay during the time we are there for the class. Reports are filtering back from friends who are at the Quilt Show that the place we were planning on staying is a little less than desirable these days. So we may be going to plan whatever it is by now.
We have already had to change plans earlier for the place we will be staying Fri and Sat night. We received a call in late January to say that place # 1 was closing its doors, the Grand Chain Lodge in IL, so we were scrambling to find a place for ourselves and the 4 friends who are there now. Not good timing. It has been interesting. I have been to Paducah three other times and have never had any problems like this and we are trying to co-ordinate this room business with people who live in other parts of the country or are staying in different places in the Paducah area. Thank heavens for cell phones and the internet.
I did get all the little plants transplanted to larger containers in the greenhouse today. One thing started and finished!! I was going to post a photo of the plants, but by the time I finished all I wanted to do was get to the house, the wind was terrible this afternoon.
I will check in later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The BIG test

The countdown is on for me now. As usual, things come up that were unplanned. Like driving to another town 60 miles west of here to pick up our meat from the locker plant. Had to make sure there was hamburger in the freezer while I was gone. So that took a good part of the afternoon as I just couldn't toss it in there.
I am finally getting around to doing the important thing of the day. Making sure I can download photos from the camera and transfer them to the blog. I had attempted to load a photo in the post last night, I couldn't gain access to the add image area. So I thought I should have a test run this evening. No problem on the lap top that I will use during the trip, so all is well. Apparently I am using a dinosaur and need to update. Unimportant at the moment since it isn't going with us.
The photo at the right contains the items I am taking to Paducah for the class. Sewing machine, tube containing those 'line drawings', bag with all the other things on the list, the camera case, the lap top case, the bag containing the sandwich batts, and of course the all important cell phone charger. The important items are packed. Still need to pack my suitcase, but as I said the important items are ready and waiting.
Must go and fix something to eat. Later.

Monday, April 21, 2008

moving along

Well I see this is going to take some figuring out on occassion. I previewed what I had written and then it was gone. So starting over and it will be shorter.
Thanks for all the well wishes on the blog. Is it really addictive Celia???
I have just about packed everything for the class. I need to press backing fabric for the project and press some fabric to make sandwiches for practice. I will start that pressing job tomorrow.
Transplanted some of the flowers that will be planted in the planters this spring. I hope they grow madly while I am gone, rather scrawny little things right now. I ddin't get them started early enough.
So until tomorrow. Why is leaving such a hassle?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting ready & other things

I did it!!! "I started" a blog. And as you can see that is the name of it, the only thing that came to mind when it asked for "A TITLE" that would appear everywhere, on anything connected to this blog. I start many things, finishing them seems to be the challenge, posting may be the challenge here.
My daughter suggested it for the upcoming pilgrimage to Paducah. Had a friend, Kathy, who wanted me to keep a journal of the happenings so that I could give the friends I usually travel with, but who are staying home this time, a report. Have friends on the fabric dyeing list, Dyehard, who want photos and reports. Some of us from the list will be at Paducah this week. Some are meeting for the first time, a couple of us are getting reacquainted and some of us are attending Hollis Chatelain's Dye Painting class at the AQS museum the week after "The Quilt Show." So I thought this might be the best of both worlds, we will see how it goes.
I have been gathering things up, getting line drawings ready for the class, which turned out to be more of a challenge than I planned on them being. Went to Kinko's Friday to enlarge them, that in itself was an experience and a waste of time and money. But they are now completed, rolled up in the tube, ready and waiting. I am looking forward to the class!!!!
I have Kirchhoff's Bakery on my 'must do' list while in Paducah. I have to get some salt risin' bread. It is the only place I know that I can get it. I ordered some a couple of years ago, won't say what those loaves cost, but they were worth it and it was cheaper than driving there!!!!! This is more important than a stop at Hancock's.
So for those of you who have been encouraging me to do this over the last months, I started it, now to see how long it lasts. Maybe there will even be fiber related items show up here on occassion, at least ones in progress. It is hard to say what might show up here.