Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting ready & other things

I did it!!! "I started" a blog. And as you can see that is the name of it, the only thing that came to mind when it asked for "A TITLE" that would appear everywhere, on anything connected to this blog. I start many things, finishing them seems to be the challenge, posting may be the challenge here.
My daughter suggested it for the upcoming pilgrimage to Paducah. Had a friend, Kathy, who wanted me to keep a journal of the happenings so that I could give the friends I usually travel with, but who are staying home this time, a report. Have friends on the fabric dyeing list, Dyehard, who want photos and reports. Some of us from the list will be at Paducah this week. Some are meeting for the first time, a couple of us are getting reacquainted and some of us are attending Hollis Chatelain's Dye Painting class at the AQS museum the week after "The Quilt Show." So I thought this might be the best of both worlds, we will see how it goes.
I have been gathering things up, getting line drawings ready for the class, which turned out to be more of a challenge than I planned on them being. Went to Kinko's Friday to enlarge them, that in itself was an experience and a waste of time and money. But they are now completed, rolled up in the tube, ready and waiting. I am looking forward to the class!!!!
I have Kirchhoff's Bakery on my 'must do' list while in Paducah. I have to get some salt risin' bread. It is the only place I know that I can get it. I ordered some a couple of years ago, won't say what those loaves cost, but they were worth it and it was cheaper than driving there!!!!! This is more important than a stop at Hancock's.
So for those of you who have been encouraging me to do this over the last months, I started it, now to see how long it lasts. Maybe there will even be fiber related items show up here on occassion, at least ones in progress. It is hard to say what might show up here.


  1. You will have fun blogging Susan, once you get the hang of it. Can't wait to see your journey.

  2. Woo hoo congrats on the blog I"m looking forward to what you have to say and all of the pictures.


  3. Congrats on the blog. I was just telling dh about that bakery and the cookies I had got there last time I was here. That bakery is to die/dye for. Judi

  4. Welcome to the world of blogs - it rapidly gets addictive!


  5. CONGRATS!!!! and welcome to the world of blogging!!

  6. welcome Susan - looking forward to "seeing" you all in Paducah!

  7. Wow! Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogging. I really think you'll enjoy it after doing it for a little while. I feel like a proud mama bird watching her little one take its first flight out of the nest. :o)

    I'm looking forward to following the adventures of the adventurous quilters! :o)

    Jennifer (Susan's Daughter)