Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fence post quilt

Thought I would post a photo of a quilt I recently made.  It was an assignment from last year's Master Series class.  And yes, I did get it made before going to TX in February.

 Hollis had given us a photo and we had to make a piece representing our feelings when viewing the photo.  Not the best description of the assignment, but good enough.  

I have been taking photos of fence posts for several years as I find them very interesting.  Probably because they have always been a part of my life in some way or another.  

Some posts have a great deal of character, while others are rather humdrum.  I am guessing most people pay little, if any, attention to fence posts.  If one happens to be checking for broken posts or broken wires, they might give a post a second look. In our area there are fewer posts all the time as most of the land is farmed.  When a fence line borders farm land, it provides excellent pheasant habitat.    

I made the post in layers, did some stitching on parts of the post before putting the layers together and quilting it.  I drew barbed wire, placed that drawing on the copier, fused the brown fabric to steam a seam and then ran the fabric through the printer.  It printed the image of the barbed wire on to the fabric.  After cutting out the barbed wire pieces I then fused them onto the quilt.  I stitched all of the grass before quilting, but went back over some of the grass when I quilted it to anchor that area.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to watercolors

I finally got back to sketching and painting today.  I am currently taking a class from Laure Ferlita of Imaginery Trips.  Great class, only problem is that Luare posted lesson # 4 yesterday and I didn't paint until today.  I won't even discuss the Visit to the Beach class I am taking from here as well.  I have painted a few things in that one, but not very happy with them and they probably won't appear anywhere.  I can tell it has been awhile since I last painted. 

So long story short, I am not really in England, one just pretends to be there while taking the class and sketching and painting the assignments.  Thought Laure's approach was interesting to this process.  Hopefully things will improve, must stay on top of it though.  As with anything, practice, practice, practice. 

I still haven't unpacked the suitcase full of fabric that went to TX last month.  There is another thing that needs some work.