Monday, December 20, 2010

Latest Watercolors

I finished another online class, that is two in a row!!!   This is the latest and last assignment from the class I took from Laure Ferlita, Clever Christmas. I posted the moose this morning.  He is  not one of my better paintings, but he is cute.  I reduced him and made a small name tag for a package, looked better that way than the actual size.

I plan on taking some of her other classes, thinking of starting at the beginning.  That would be a novel idea wouldn't it?  Sometimes I wished I had discovered wc's long ago, but then I am not sure I would have had the same interest.  Things come along at the right time and now is the time in my life for watercolors.  

  I have solved a few design problems with a couple of quilts that must be finished by Feb. and taken back to TX for Hollis' class while working on the watercolor assignments.  Who knew it would be so rewarding.  I just get lost when painting.  And to think all of this started because I needed to work on drawing.  One never knows where things will lead if given a chance.  

  Also the packages are wrapped and under the tree, the house needs a few things done here and there, but it is not in total disarray as it usually is this time of the year.  When I took the paints, wc papers and all the other items I have had out for the last 10 days down to the sewing room today, I put them away where they belonged.  I have no idea what is going on, but I'm lovin' it!!!  Of course the Christmas cards haven't been sent out, but that would be over the top.  This wc was from lesson 3 and I had hoped to use it for our cards this year.  I need to redo it as this is only 2.5" x 3.5" and has some issues here and there.  

Wishing all of you who take the time to read my ramblings a very Blessed Christmas and pray that it will be spent with family and friends.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lesson # 2

Today we received our second assignment.  I drew the head of a snow lady.  I wish my mind worked a little faster at times.  I needed to make the hat smaller or her head a little larger.  I will just pretend she has melted a little since she was built.  With the temps we have had of late, that wouldn't be a stretch.  The stretch would be having snow to actually build a snow lady, the reason I have had to resort to painting them.
  I will use this as a gift tag, there  is a "To:" and "From:" stamped on the back of the little painting.  I used crystals for the little holly berries.  Apparently they don't refract scanned light. I think I did a little better today with shadows and making things look like they were a bit dimensional.   Need to practice stamping again, it's only been 10+ years. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Watercolors

I signed up for another watercolor class.  Jane's was over and I have enjoyed this process.  I need to continue working at it so that I can stop making some of the mistakes I continue to make, i.e. going outside the lines on occasion. 
It started today.  It is a quick 10 day class with a lesson every other day.  Laure Ferlita is the instructor.  I drew some hats.  These are done on ATC sized pieces of watercolor paper.  2.5" x 3.5" is not very large.  I have done three of them.  Would like to change things about each of them, but hey, I am learning something each time I do one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesson 6

I forgot to post this lesson earlier.  Not exactly what we were suppose to do as I got a little carried away with the paints.  I had hoped to get another one drawn, but didn't finish painting it.  So it is here, I finished all the lessons, second online class that I have actually completed. 
  I received this frog a number of years ago and he sits in the flower bed against the house.  He has a broken foot, but I still like him.  He is flaking here and there, but then I am not as together as I once was either.
 The sketch of the angels needs to be painted or inked and then washed with water.  Haven't decided which way to go on those.  Hope to get to them in a day or two.

I actually dyed some fabric yesterday.  So might have those samples to post tomorrow.  I did a couple of color wheels.