Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lesson # 2

Today we received our second assignment.  I drew the head of a snow lady.  I wish my mind worked a little faster at times.  I needed to make the hat smaller or her head a little larger.  I will just pretend she has melted a little since she was built.  With the temps we have had of late, that wouldn't be a stretch.  The stretch would be having snow to actually build a snow lady, the reason I have had to resort to painting them.
  I will use this as a gift tag, there  is a "To:" and "From:" stamped on the back of the little painting.  I used crystals for the little holly berries.  Apparently they don't refract scanned light. I think I did a little better today with shadows and making things look like they were a bit dimensional.   Need to practice stamping again, it's only been 10+ years. 

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  1. DH and I ofter spend the evening just sitting. I think I will go and get some card and paint some holly or myabe snowmen for my tags this year. Thanks for giving me the idea.