Friday, March 1, 2013


Coming to Texas actually started when I went to Paducah, KY.  Strange how things work.  

I took a dye painting class from Hollis Chatelain, in April of 2008.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into when I took that class!!!

The photo to the right is one of the pieces I painted in the class.  It still needs to be quilted, maybe after this year's class, I will tackle the thing.  There is a turtle hanging on the design wall at home begging to be finished as well.  

I am about to embark on year 8 of Hollis's Master Series class.  Yes, year 8, when all I wanted to do was learn how to dye paint.  

It has been a journey to say the least.  I made two trips to Silverton, OR for two classes and introduced one of my friends to the classes.

Time will tell what becomes of some of the fabric I posted last week.  Hopefully it will be a good thing.