Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Flowers

Our youngest daughter was married this past weekend. She was a beautiful bride and it was a beautiful wedding. Everything went well and we didn't have anything go wrong. I have posted photos of the flowers that decorated the church and guest book table. Had a wonderful time with friends and family and a great brunch the following morning.


I received this bowl as a birthday gift from new friends. My son in law's aunt and her husband and mother gave it to me. It was made by Susan Breier, author of "It's a Wrap".
I also received the book and I am looking forward to making a couple of things from it. Have a few ideas of my own as well. Always need placemats and can never find any in the right color. I am excited about this new technique and using up those yards and yards of fabric I don't want to use in peicing quilts.


Although I am posting these photos on the
29th of April, they were taken on the 15th.
A thunderstorm went through late in the afternoon. I always love the light when the sun comes out and the storm has moved eastward.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snow Dyed Fabric

The snow dyed royal blue and wisteria fabric turned out a little better than what the photo indicates. It is the only time I have liked the wisteria.
Next is the bubble gum, yellow and red dyed piece. This was the best group and the following piece was one of the pieces I cleaned up the runoff with and I am very happy with those.

The final piece is one the another area of the bubble
gum, red and yellow piece.
I think I would do this again. The results were so so on some of the colors, so I would be more selective as to which ones I used.