Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snow Dyed Fabric

The snow dyed royal blue and wisteria fabric turned out a little better than what the photo indicates. It is the only time I have liked the wisteria.
Next is the bubble gum, yellow and red dyed piece. This was the best group and the following piece was one of the pieces I cleaned up the runoff with and I am very happy with those.

The final piece is one the another area of the bubble
gum, red and yellow piece.
I think I would do this again. The results were so so on some of the colors, so I would be more selective as to which ones I used.


  1. Love your snowdyed pieces!!!! They turned out great!!!

  2. Thanks Judi. I am going to leave the mass quanities to you, however.

  3. I like them also, and the runoff piece is exceptionally pretty.

  4. I think they all turned out great! It's a unique idea that I never would have thought of.