Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesson 6

I forgot to post this lesson earlier.  Not exactly what we were suppose to do as I got a little carried away with the paints.  I had hoped to get another one drawn, but didn't finish painting it.  So it is here, I finished all the lessons, second online class that I have actually completed. 
  I received this frog a number of years ago and he sits in the flower bed against the house.  He has a broken foot, but I still like him.  He is flaking here and there, but then I am not as together as I once was either.
 The sketch of the angels needs to be painted or inked and then washed with water.  Haven't decided which way to go on those.  Hope to get to them in a day or two.

I actually dyed some fabric yesterday.  So might have those samples to post tomorrow.  I did a couple of color wheels. 

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