Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lesson # 5

 We will be receiving our last lesson for the Sketchbook & Watercolor: Journal Style class tomorrow morning.  I cut it a little close this time as this is Wednesday.  I have finished and posted the drawing and painting of this shoe though, so I made it.  I was just glad I could still draw as I haven't picked up a pencil to do that as often as I should since I posted the sunflower. 
Shoes--- the subject we were to draw this week.  Some of them did at least 6 I know.  I have seen them all, but have not had a chance to read the stories behind the drawings yet.  Fortunately the class forum will stay open for a few weeks and I will be able to catch up on them.   
  I have no idea why the scanner cuts off the bottom and the toe.  They are both on there another thing I didn't have any patience for this evening.

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