Monday, April 28, 2008

Hi everyone!! Notice, picture to left, things are working again!!!!

This is where we are attending the workshop. This is the first workshop I have atteneded where I really feel comfortable. Hollis is an excellent instructor. There are 20 women in our class, the youngest is a 20 year old from India and I believe 12 other states represented. I am the only Susan there and the only one from CO.

The turtle I am working on is coming along rather slowly and I need to get another drawing transferred to fabric tonight. We will work late tomorrow night until 9:00, so not sure if I will post. We might be worn out by then.

Sharon is working on some cats that are going to very cool, Betty Ann has just about finished some beautiful, raspberry colored petunias, Beth is working on a flower and her friend Danielle is also working on a flower.

I wish I had taken a class like this years ago to learn to just relax and let things happen and not worry about what is going on so much when learning new techniques. She asked those of us who applique to raise our hands right off this morning and said those are the perfectionists that sometimes have problems. What can I say? I am doing my best not to be and I think I am doing pretty good for me.

I do like the technique and it will be fun to do more. I am looking forward to the machine work as well, should have stuck in that fluorescent thread. I still need to do some homework so I am closing for now.

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