Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here we go again

I was going to have all my clothing packed tonight and finish cleaning tomorrow morning. I will be packing my clothes tomorrow morning and clean what I can clean after that. I will be starting the first leg of the journey to Paducah tomorrow after lunch. I will go to Hastings, NE to spend the night and we will leave Friday morning for the 11 hour drive to Paducah.
I know, not the most direct route, but hey, I have to pick up fellow travelers and have you ever driven across KS before??? Need I say more???!! Anyway, I have always wanted to see the southeast corner of NE again. I don't remember much about it when I rode the "Rocket" to Minneapolis with my aunt and cousin, years and years ago. That was the first big trip away from home, I was around 11 or 12.
The reason the clothes aren't packed is that we may have a minor glitch in plans as to where we are going to stay during the time we are there for the class. Reports are filtering back from friends who are at the Quilt Show that the place we were planning on staying is a little less than desirable these days. So we may be going to plan whatever it is by now.
We have already had to change plans earlier for the place we will be staying Fri and Sat night. We received a call in late January to say that place # 1 was closing its doors, the Grand Chain Lodge in IL, so we were scrambling to find a place for ourselves and the 4 friends who are there now. Not good timing. It has been interesting. I have been to Paducah three other times and have never had any problems like this and we are trying to co-ordinate this room business with people who live in other parts of the country or are staying in different places in the Paducah area. Thank heavens for cell phones and the internet.
I did get all the little plants transplanted to larger containers in the greenhouse today. One thing started and finished!! I was going to post a photo of the plants, but by the time I finished all I wanted to do was get to the house, the wind was terrible this afternoon.
I will check in later.

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