Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well it is Sunday evening, we are now located in Paducah, KY for the next 5 days.

After staying at the Kensington in Hastings, NE Thursday evening, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward Sharon's, (Alice's friend). I was surprised that it was as dark as it was for 5:45a.m. Sharon told me to watch for the red trailer in the driveway, too dark to see, but the lights were on and as I pulled into the driveway I could see all their luggage and machines sitting there, patiently waiting. I guess they were excited and it didn't take long to load them. We pulled out at 6:01 and we were on our way. Alice, we have MS. Garmin and she has done an excellent job.
We arrived in Paducah around 6:25pm., drove into town and went directly to Caryl Fallert's. They directed us to the Pinecone Art Gallery where we saw the work of Char Downs the owner, along with Denise Havlan who had some of her art quilts on display. We had a an interesting visit with her and she graciously shared some of her techniques. We learned several things that will come in helpful on some project some day.
The Lower Downtown Arts District of Paducah was sponsoring a walking tour of some the shops, studios and homes of those who have moved to Paducah and renovated or built homes in the district. So after purchasing our ticket at the Pinecone gallery we went to several other places. Saw some awesome homes and meet some great people. One thing about Paducah, most everyone you come across is helpful and friendly. We went to supper at the Texas Roadhouse and then headed toward Manor.
We finally made connections with one another and we met Ann, Betty Ann, Chuck and Gwen. They had just returned from seeing Ricky Timms.
We did get a little visiting in before going to bed. That turned out to be an adventure. Needless to say by the next night the mattresses were on the floor and tape was involved in making another bed.
We headed out to Paducah in the morning while the other 4 remind behind. They had already been at it for 4 days. The show was great, picked up a few fun things. Some pieces of silk kimonos, fabric to experiment dyeing, some very cool buttons, hot fix crystals that are probably too small for me use, some overdyed pieces by Wendy Richardson, had to go to Sally's to get threads and yarns, and a drawer unit. One thing I am very excited about. It has 10 drawers that aren't very deep that will work great for embellishment items. So that was a good day. Oh yes, the quilts were beautiful. I saw Pola and then we went over to the new area and had a great visit with Judi and Marc. Her booth looked great!!!
We attempted Hancock's, I didn't last long and Sharon and Linda decided they had had enough rather quickly. The bus loads were there for their last shopping spree. We headed back to the Manor and had a wonderful supper and visited.
Ann's group left this morning while the rest of us came back to Paducah. We went to the museum, checked out the classroom, found our tables and as we were headed out to the vehicle I saw Beth. So now all the Dyehards who are or were here have met one another. We reconnected with Betty Ann at the motel, unloaded and are resting up for the class tomorrow.
I am having trouble posting photos so will attempt to work on that, but don't hold your breath. Until tomorrow.

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