Monday, April 21, 2008

moving along

Well I see this is going to take some figuring out on occassion. I previewed what I had written and then it was gone. So starting over and it will be shorter.
Thanks for all the well wishes on the blog. Is it really addictive Celia???
I have just about packed everything for the class. I need to press backing fabric for the project and press some fabric to make sandwiches for practice. I will start that pressing job tomorrow.
Transplanted some of the flowers that will be planted in the planters this spring. I hope they grow madly while I am gone, rather scrawny little things right now. I ddin't get them started early enough.
So until tomorrow. Why is leaving such a hassle?


  1. Great job Susan!!! It will be fun to see where you take this blog. I'll check in from time to time, OK? Especially to see if you post all the super stuff you will not doubt get in Paducah!! And pics of you and other DyeHards???

  2. "The Case of the Disappearing Text" I have had this experience a number of times. What I've started doing is one of two things:
    1. Type my blog post in Word, then cut & paste
    2. Type straight into the blog and then copy it prior to posting or previewing. This allows me to use the paste option if something disappears.