Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The BIG test

The countdown is on for me now. As usual, things come up that were unplanned. Like driving to another town 60 miles west of here to pick up our meat from the locker plant. Had to make sure there was hamburger in the freezer while I was gone. So that took a good part of the afternoon as I just couldn't toss it in there.
I am finally getting around to doing the important thing of the day. Making sure I can download photos from the camera and transfer them to the blog. I had attempted to load a photo in the post last night, I couldn't gain access to the add image area. So I thought I should have a test run this evening. No problem on the lap top that I will use during the trip, so all is well. Apparently I am using a dinosaur and need to update. Unimportant at the moment since it isn't going with us.
The photo at the right contains the items I am taking to Paducah for the class. Sewing machine, tube containing those 'line drawings', bag with all the other things on the list, the camera case, the lap top case, the bag containing the sandwich batts, and of course the all important cell phone charger. The important items are packed. Still need to pack my suitcase, but as I said the important items are ready and waiting.
Must go and fix something to eat. Later.

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  1. Like mother like daughter...when I head to tech conferences, the technology "the important stuff" always gets packed first - clothing comes second. The same shirt can always be worn twice, or a new one purchased...getting a new camera (or sewing machine) is a different thing!