Thursday, July 8, 2010

It has been awhile

Since I lasted posted at the end of April there have been serious health issues that members of our family have faced.  One is recovering from shingles, three were diagnosed with cancer within about a three week period beginning in May. Two have finished cancer treatment or had it removed, also one of these two is still dealing with a benign tumor in another location, and my sister passed away from cancer.  It has been a grueling spring, one I do not care to repeat ever again. 
  Through all of this I have learned that I need to be more thoughtful and caring of others when I hear about someone having problems because there were so many wonderful people in our extended community who helped our family get through all of this. 
  I have learned to take one day at a time, that is all we have no matter how many plans we are always making. 
  And I hope I have learned to prioritize people and things in my life a little better.  Take care of the people around you who are important to you.  Keep in touch, take time to be with those you love, don't worry about things you can't change or have little or no control over.  And just do something special now and then for those you care about.  Life is very fragile, embrace those special times and moments share with loved ones, we aren't here very long. 
  I took this photo 2 days before my sister called and told me she had cancer.  It was the flowering crab in our front yard.  I will not be able to take anymore photos of the blossoms, as it blew over during a wind storm several weeks later.  It was the final branch of three on this tree.  We lost the first one last summer during wheat harvest when we had high winds go through.  That evening I had stopped on the road to talk to my sister.  We were both returning to our homes from taking supper to the guys in the fields. So these are for you Julie.