Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Trip

  This past weekend we took the RV on the first, official road trip.  We had a great time and our grandson was able to go with us, along with our oldest daughter, Jennifer, and one of our son in laws came up on Saturday. 

We went to the mountains and it was a little chilly at night, glad we were inside and had a furnace.  I will be the first to admit I am not a die hard camper in the great outdoors like our daughters and their husbands.  Well some of them like it.  A couple of them would be more than happy to be inside the RV instead of a tent.

bugs, threw a number of rocks into the fire pit that was there, caught some fish in the small lake near by and had a hummingbird buzz us on a couple of occasions.

  The water was very high and fast due to the amount of snow this past winter and the late runoff so the fly fishing wasn't very good when Joedy and Dave fished Saturday afternoon. 

Jennifer had given M. a little Davy Crockett hat and he thought it looked very stylish under his camo hat that he wears all the time when outside.  Hard to keep a straight face and hold the camera steady to get that photo.

And of course he had to watch grandpa hook up the grill, making sure he was doing it right.  He pronounced the pancakes made for breakfast as being 'yummy'.  I don't know why I have fixed them all these years.

 He watched grandpa do a lot of things and wanted to make sure he wasn't far from the action.    
It was a good weekend, things went well, and I have decided to make a master list so I am not trying to remember all the stuff that needs to go along with us.  We didn't do too badly though for the first time.