Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hmm, I see it's been awhile

I missed July all together, posting that is, and I feel as if I missed it physically as well.  Where has the summer gone???!!!  I think my 2 1/2 weeks away from home the first half of June threw the entire summer out of whack. 

 We are half way through August and I feel like I am still waiting for summer to start.  The garden sort of looks that way as well.  Haven't picked any green beans yet and we are getting a few cucumbers.  The tomatoes have a blight, caused by yours truly, so they aren't going to do their best.  Actually they are looking worse each day.  The plants were gorgeous earlier this season.

We have made two short trips to the mountains since my last post.  Nice to get away to the coolness of the mountains in the summer.  Our youngest grandson was on the last trip with his mommy.  Jennifer went along as well and our oldest grandson wasn't going to be left out.  Had a nice time.  Traffic was horrendous, lesson learned here, stay over and come back Monday.  Insanity prevails on I-70, west of Denver, on the weekends.  Make sure you go to the bathroom before starting your trip or pull one along behind you. 

I have been taking online classes.  Have nothing to show for my efforts, however.  I had hoped to have something made from the "Goodbye to the Grid" class I took with Dena Crain on Quilt University, but I am having to clean the sewing room before selecting the fabric.  It should have been done last week, but one thing led to another and it still isn't done.  Yes, I am procrastinating about choosing fabric, this is the part I sturggle with the most!!!!  There are two days left before the class officially closes, but I have to clean the house too.   It is a great class.

The other one I have been taking is from Elizabeth Barton on QU.  It was a class on designing a series of quilts.  Time got away, I was concentrating more on Dena's class and well, there is nothing to show or discuss.  I decided I would take 'Inspired to Desgin', on QU from Elizabeth since it is the first of the two classes.   Just started it, so we will see.  My goal, and challenge to myself, is to make something that isn't 'literal', from a photo I have taken.