Monday, February 27, 2012

February post

Not many days left in February, where oh where does the time go?  I think being gone 12 days this month might have made the time go a little faster than it normally does, plus I was sick in between the trips. 

 I didn't post any photos from the Tea at the Brown Palace in the January post.  My daughters gave me this gift for Mother's Day in 2010.  Due to my sister's illness, we didn't get to it right away, but finally made it this January.  The Christmas decorations were still up and it was quite impressive.  

  The Grand Champion Steer from the Stock Show had been in part of the lobby of the Brown the day before.  An old tradition and it still surprises me that they continue to do it.  I have seen a number of grand champion steers in my life time, perhaps that is why I have no need to see one in the Brown.

The tea was very good and there were scones with Devonshire cream, delicious finger sandwiches and little pastries.  I had black tea, "The Brown's Crown Jewel".  It was a very nice afternoon spent with my daughters.  

There is an old church diagonally across the street from the Brown that I would like to get some photos of one of these days.  I will have to get one of the girls to drive me down there on a Saturday morning as it is very silent down there that time of the week.  

I believe I posted that I was headed to Oregon the first of February to make up the Portraiture class with Hollis and if I didn't, it really doesn't matter.  It is the third class in the Master Series I am taking and needed to make up.  Enjoyed it, surprised that I did as well as I did.  Oregon is much prettier in June than February.

My next trip was to Texas, New Braunfels to be precise.  This class was Year # 7 in the Master Series with Hollis.  We quilted for five days, really began to understand hue, value and intensity and that everything is relative when it comes to color.  It was a very interesting five days, it was good to see everyone again as well.  

I snapped the roadrunner sculpture at the hotel in San Antonio.  I would have liked a better photo, but the elevator arrived just as I was taking it and there was a gentleman on it waiting patiently for me to get in the thing.  

As we were leaving the yard, the wild turkey herd that has taken up residence here this winter were wandering through the trees.  The Toms were strutting their stuff.  I must get the telephoto lens on and get a better photo of them.