Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where does the time go???

It has been over a month since the last post and I was really going to try and do a better job this year.  I even considered trying the 365 photo thing again.  Good intentions--- as they say.

I believe I was catching up from last year so the last quarter is going to be brief.  Kathy, ReneeL, Judy, Sheena and I went to the AQS Quilt show in Des Moines, IA at the beginning of Oct.  Had a great time, saw some beautiful quilts and saw some interesting country side.  I would love to spend more time in that part of IA.  Some of my family came from that area as well.

I took another class from David Taylor in Denver in Oct.  Stayed with my daughter and her family, which was close to the class location.  So now I have two quilts I am working on and no work has been done on either of them.

We had a less than productive corn harvest after the heat and drought last summer.   The dry land wheat didn't come up in some places and it is still dry!

Had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I managed to make three quilts for each of my grandsons.  I even had them wrapped and under the tree the Wednesday before Christmas.  So 2012 ended with the usual book work.  I think they should change the end of the year for closing ones books so it doesn't interfere with Christmas.  It is a drag and I dislike it more each year!!!  So we wrapped up 2012.

2013, I can start the New Year and two months have almost been completed !!  As the title states, where does the time go??   

As is usually the case around here the New Year starts off with more book work, which was the case this year.  I was really organized, didn't make too many mistakes on the info I took to the accountant, got all the nasty little forms required by our benevolent government completed quickly and mailed. 

   I was ready to take the Dyeing to Design class taught by Elizabeth Barton on QU.  That was something I attempted last fall and ran into too many other things.  I did get the black gradation dyed and then I managed to come down with strep again.  Grand kids share so many things with their grandmas!!!  So I was a little behind in that class once again and then I felt the pressure to dye fabric for Hollis' class in TX.  Now I did have an entire year to work that in, but it didn't happen and the class is very close at hand now.

So that is what I have been doing for the last two weeks.  Now I am sure there are some who would say, go to your sewing room and get some you have already dyed.  But that won't work!!!   I needed gradations and I have wanted to do some ice dyeing for some time now.  I now have a lot of gradations and some awesome ice dyeing pieces.  Thanks to Judi, who taught me how to do it during our Retreat almost 3 years ago now.
Golden Brown and Marigold
Caribbean Blue and Citrus Yellow

 These are some of the pieces I made using ice in one form or another.  Hopefully they will be useful somewhere along the way.
Golden Brown
Havana Brown
 I will post some of the gradations later.

Ice Blue and Citrus Yellow
A good friend sent word this evening that Carol Miller, founder of Quilt University, lost her battle with cancer.  When she founded QU, she did a wonderful thing for many of us in the quilting world. Thank you Carol!!!