Friday, September 13, 2013

6.95" and Counting

 It is still raining this morning!!!  Not complaining, as we have been so dry, we were in dire need of rain.  I do not remember having this much rain over a 24 hour period ever and this time of the year!!!  We might get our wheat up, once it dries out and we can plant.
  This is Sandy Creek, which is south of us.  This one was running earlier this summer when we were all plastered with hail and rain about 5 weeks ago.  Normally this is a dry creek bed.    
  We brought the 'official' rain gauge in this morning and measured the rain in it.  We will have missed a little, as it was starting to rain hard again when we brought it in.  So we have received 6.95" of rain as of 8:45 this morning.  

The next photo is of the Smoky Hill River which is also a dry river bed the vast majority of the time.  Rivers and creeks around here are simply drainage areas when we do have large amounts of rain.  Like every river or creek in Colorado, it carries water out of the state to other states.  Even though it doesn't look very deep, it is probably 12' down to the river bed.  
 In the foreground is the Smoky River from another location.  In the background is a field, flooded with water.  I would say half of this field is flooded.  Hard to see how much water is actually out there, but there is a lot.  

  There is a small habitat area north of our home and draw is running through it.  Have no idea how long it has been since we saw that happen.  

  I hope friends and family along the Front Range are safe and their homes are safe.  Far worse up there than it is out here.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am finally back

I finally have my regular computer hooked back up to the internet.  I will have photos tomorrow of some interesting things with the studio and dragonflies.