Saturday, January 16, 2010

Middle of Jan, hmmm

Can't believe that it is the middle of Jan. already. I had good intentions of posting everyday. I recently saw a quote about good intentions, should have saved it.
I did get some more NYB's done and have a total of 12 now. I think the quilt I am making has 30 blocks, so a few more to go.
I was looking for something in one of the drawers the other day and came across the log cabin blocks, with the fabric. They were started in a class taught by Flavin Glover in Estes Park, I think 4 years ago. So I dug them out, cut more strips and now they are all in the washing machine. Asthma problems have resurfaced and the fabric seems to be aggravating them. Will probably be re-cutting all of them a 1/4" thinner and re-cutting the 1" strips.

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