Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a difference a day makes

  I signed up for another sketchbook watercolor class taught by Jane LaFazio on Joggles.  I am enjoying it, the Allium was last weeks assignment, sort of.  We were to introduce some other elements in our sketches, but after I completed the sketch and painted it, I wasn't going to ruin it.  Some areas need a little work, it has been months since I last painted.  Have no idea why I don't get the watercolors out more than I do.  I guess it is like everything else, I have to have a reason.  One reason I took the class.  This week we are making backgrounds to paint on, which aren't completed yet.

Amur Maple is almost bare, only a few leaves remain.  It is the one tree in the yard that actually has more color, more often than any of the others.

The trees in the yard have been exceptionally colorful this fall.  I have included a few photos of them that I took yesterday.  The sky was a beautiful blue and the reds, oranges and yellows looked especially nice against it.

All that changed this morning when it started
The aspen tree has finally turned a golden yellow. 
The first time this has ever happened!!! 
snowing!  I didn't think we were going to get very much, but it was a nice amount of moisture.  The snow was wet and it will help the wheat, as it was a little dry.  It looked terrible after the winds we have had this fall. 

Half of the cottonwood tree in the backyard.

The deck late afternoon.
Much of the snow melted as it fell this morning, but by evening there was a bit of snow covering everything in the backyard.  This is the deck, looking out the patio door.  I do believe summer is over and the plants have seen better days. 

What a difference a day makes, from blue, cloudless skies to a snowy backyard.   

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