Thursday, May 28, 2009

Refreshed !!!

It is spring!! One of my favorite times of the year, IF we receive rain. And we had a little over 2" this past weekend. All of the plants are refreshed and they were looking beautiful as it was because of the rains we had last fall.

As I had mentioned before, I had forgotten how beautiful this part of the country is when it rains or snows, even if it is a little below average. It is the way below average that has hurt us. We are not as lush as the rainforest in Australia, ,where my daughter and her students were yesterday or today, however that works. Anyone interested in keeping up with Jennifer's personal blogs from Australia can also go to

The photos today are of a columbine, old fashioned iris that smells like concord grapes and the chocolate mint plant. It has another name, but I cannot recall it at the moment. It is a vine and in the spring it produces these deep, cocoa red colored flowers that smell like chocolate mint. One of my favorites in the garden.


  1. I enjoyed reading thru your may blog. lots of pretty flowers, neat sunflower, bicycle planter and other stuff. ann