Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall is fast approaching

I thought I should post a blog in Sept. before the first week had passed. I have no idea where the first 8 months of this year have gone. But the signs of fall can be seen in the garden. The mums are blooming and the garlic chives behind them are a little late, but in full bloom as well. I saw some pasta made with garlic chives at a Farmers Market I attended on Sat. in Denver. Might need to gather a few for that. They smell delightful when crushed.

The asters are blooming now. We have others the color of the
mums in the above photo and some are white. Most need to be thinned and moved to different parts of the flower gardens. I enjoy seeing the asters as they herald the coming of fall, my favorite season.

One of my favorite smells can be found in our kitchen when I put up tomatoes. They have done better than I thought they would after the hail earlier this summer. So far I have put up 32 pints of stewed tomatoes and 6 pints of some very hot salsa.


  1. Love the flowers they look so pretty. Glad the tomatoes worked out for you. I've only picked five small ones off of my "early" girl tomatoes plants (4 of them). It's been a cold summer up here in Canada.

  2. Your flowers look great, gee you have been busy canning, I have only had a few tomoatoes but found Marc would rather have the cherry so maybe next year that will be all I plant in the way of tomoatoes.