Friday, August 28, 2009

a walk thru the garden

I thought I would take a walk around the yard this afternoon. The light is changing, always a sign that summer is drawing to a close.

It is difficult to see the stream in the center of the photo. Thought it might show up better than that, so another attempt will be made one of these days. There are sparkles off the water in the camera lens and if I would get out the manual and read how to slow down the shutter again, I could probably capture a few.
I believe this is the last of the day lilies and was surprised to even find this one blooming today. It was a nice surprise as it is truly a pinky peach colored one. I had ordered one of the "pink/peach" collections several years ago and was disappointed to find mostly "orange/peach" to just plain apricot colors in the group. This one will be moved to the flower gardens this fall or next spring. The day lilies were outstanding this year.

The Bonica roses are still doing their thing. They seem to just keep on blooming. Actually they have become my favorite rose because they are the only rose I can grow. I do have a Rugosa Rose that does its thing, but these little roses never let me down.
There are many other flowers and plants I photographed today and have in the file now. The red berries on the high bush cranberry are very pretty and there was some tickle grass blooming behind the pond. I didn't realize how interesting it was until after I had pulled it then I was trying to find a place to "plant" it so that I could get a photo of it. Perhaps these and others will show up in the dead of winter, when I am dreaming of green leaves and the shadows they create in the yard.

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