Monday, November 30, 2009


Tomorrow will be December 1st. I cannot believe it is time to start thinking about Christmas. I am sure I just finished putting all that stuff away yesterday. I will admit that one year it didn't get put away. It was much easier to decorate that year.

Our grandson will be 14 months old tomorrow. Seems like only yesterday that he stole my heart and there was "another man" in my life. He is such a fascinating little guy to watch. He is so busy and can figure out something to do with whatever he comes across.
Our daughter was married in April, we went to their home for Thanksgiving last week and she set a beautiful table with the china they received as wedding gifts and served a great meal. I remember when she would dump everything out of the bottom drawer in the kitchen and crawl in it and play.
I thought it might be about time to book my flight for the class I will be taking in TX this coming Feb. Doesn't seem possible that it will be a year in a little over 2 months that I was down there for the last class I took with Hollis on color.
And I was going to work on color this summer, but summer is over and fall is quickly following and guess what, I have done little work on learning more about color. I did take Sharon Boggen's journal class though. One of the best classes I have taken on line, ever! So I did accomplish something.
So here is to the last day in November. I had to post something.


  1. Cute picture...with his grown-up hair!

  2. Okay, Susan, Matthew is 14 months old. Your daughter got married in April. I hope everyone knows this is not Matthew's mother ann

  3. That did sort of run together didn't it? His mom and dad have been married 4 years and that time flew by as well.

  4. He's cute Susan but I guess they all are at that age. The class with Hollis sounds interesting I hope you have a good time.

  5. they grow up to fast don't they. Another class with Hollis WOW I'm sure you will enjoy that.