Wednesday, December 2, 2009


They finished picking corn today!!!! Oh happy, happy, happy day it is too!!!! I can't remember the last time we were in corn harvest this long. I believe the length even exceeded the lengthy and stressful wheat harvest we went through earlier this summer.
The photo is honor of the last day of 2009 corn harvest. I took it a few hours before they finished the last field.

Two long harvests in one year is a momentous thing. Some friends who live here also raise sugar beets and it was a long, muddy harvest for them as well, so they got 3 long harvests. Plus the grapes in their vineyard were hailed earlier in the summer.

We use to raise sugar beets. I remember some of those mud grinding, grueling harvests. The first year we farmed, we lost 1/2 of our sugar beet crop. It snowed and snowed and then the ground froze. The beets were frozen in too. And to think we still wanted to farm after that.

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