Thursday, December 24, 2009


I opened my Christmas present early and this is what I received. It is just the coolest thing!!!! A John Deere Gator!!!

I had asked my cousin Duane to find one for me earlier this fall and this is what he found!!!! Well, not exactly. He asked Joedy if he wanted to give it to me as a Christmas present so it was spruced up, quiet a bit from what I understand.

Duane sandblasted the metal areas
and repainted them, new
stuff on the floor so that it is not slick, new fenders and hood as they were all torn up. He placed new decals on it and then he detailed the seats and tires. It looks brand new, thanks to my cousin and his expertise and I thought it might be for a few moments when I first saw it!!! He can fix, build, re-design or repair anything. And THANK YOU to my dear husband who gave him the go ahead to make it great!!!

The box will even even raise and lower. Should come in very handy when hauling things around here, running errands and when I have to help the g
uys re-nozzle the sprinklers. It is also living in the garage.

And Duane even threw in the bow!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my family and friends who read the blog.


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS SUSAN!!! You will love your gator,I am on my second gator and love it, the first one got stolen and Marc got me another one. With his back he is using it more now then his atv. I love both the quilts you made and quilted for your kids, I'm sure they loved them.

  2. Thanks Judi. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.
    I am looking forward to using the Gator.
    Thank you on the quilts and yes they did love them. I was just thrilled to get them completed in time.

  3. I love your new Gator!! I'm anxious to take a ride.