Thursday, April 15, 2010


We have been discussing scrim/cheesecloth on the Forums and these are a couple of journals that I made using it on the covers.
The first one has the fine cheesecloth that was dyed and fused onto the peltex. The mulberry leaves were painted and captured by fusing netting on top of all of it. The second photo shows the front and back pieces of the journal. This one needs to be put together.

The second one was made by tearing an old Electric Quilt Co. newsletter in to pieces, fusing them on to the peltex, then covering the paper with cheesecloth I purchased at our local grocery store. It is dyed as well. I used the fine netting over this one.

The embroidery floss used around the edge and the ties
was hand dyed.

painted mulberry bark. It is not scrim, but another fun item to use. I stitched a random pattern to hold the peltex and bark together. Crystals were set on the mulberry bark.

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  1. WOW Susan you have been busy those look great