Thursday, October 21, 2010

Counting my blessings

Sometimes I know without a doubt that God is looking out for me. 
  This morning we were within a few feet of being involved in a serious collision when a semi driver came into our lane of traffic.  Joedy slammed on the brakes as we watched the guy swerve to the left to get out of our lane and go into another lane of oncoming traffic. 

 Makes me appreciate the photos I took after returning home even more.  They are of simple things in our yard, but beautiful to me as they are here but a short time.  
The Irish Eyes are hanging in there even though the flowers look a little worse for wear, not as perfect as they were earlier this summer.  They have character now.

The Washington Hawthorne is starting to turn.  These are the only leaves on the entire tree that have made the transformation.  I am in hopes the entire tree will turn before it freezes hard.  They seem to be a little more red than usual.

The Amur Maple is about half way there.  The fall leaves do not stay around very long, a week if we are lucky.  Once there is a bit of wind, they are on the ground.  It is one I have to watch closely or I might miss it.  It has been an unusually warm fall, September was very warm.  Probably what hastened the corn in drying down. 


  1. Susan,
    My Amure Maple is not as tall as yours and has smaller leaves. Do you think that being 300 miles north of you and a bit further east has something to do with it.
    It still has a very few of its red leaves left.

  2. I guess it might Ricky. This one was planted in '96, came as a shrub instead of a tree. I decided I wanted a tree and pruned it back to a main trunk about 9 years ago.
    The leaves seldom stay on more than a week, once they turn. We usually have a gale force wind about that time and it takes them off in a hurry.