Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lesson # 2

I have completed another watercolor.  We received our second lesson today and I decided to get busy and paint the leaves.  I gathered numerous leaves from the yard and settled on three. 
After I drew the entire group of bugleweed leaves, I thought, what did I do that for??? I could have drawn another 3 leaves in the time it took me to draw and paint that group.  I like it, but I could have made it a little easier on myself. 
  I scanned this one before remembering what the bottom plant is.  It is parrot's beak.  I knew it was parrot's something, but it took awhile.  And I did get this one scanned.  I usually take a photo, but for some reason the photo was washing out at the top of the bugleweed.  The scan looks better. 
 I am enjoying this class.

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