Sunday, January 30, 2011

January at its end

I cannot believe it will be the last day of January tomorrow!!!  Where, oh where, has the month disappeared??? 
Thought I would post once more before the end.  I am about ready to tie myself to my sewing room chair so that I can get my quilts done for the class I will be attending in 2 weeks time in TX.  I have two that must be made from scratch, two others I would like to redo, we will see how the time goes.  Then I have to get packed for the class.  I was going to dye some wonderful fabrics to take there this year, but alas that hasn't happened either. 
The photo today is of the latest watercolor painting.  Pleased with most of it.  Should have kept the date by my name like I usually do.  I wrote '2010' instead of '2011' and had to fix that.  The blue in the box became a little darker than I would have liked.  

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