Monday, February 28, 2011

Back from Montana

Arrived back home from Montana last night.  It is a beautiful state, but it is was a little cold.  -14 degrees when we landed on Friday.  Had to buy some warm boots as I didn't take heed of the info friends kept sending me. 

 We did drive around the Bozeman area Friday afternoon and I took a few photos.  The first one is of the Gallatin River and those are chunks of ice floating in it.  The second one is looking some direction toward the mountains.  I never knew what direction I was going the entire weekend.

We were there for our nephew's wedding, which was very nice.  Enjoyed seeing a number of people we don't see very often and this was a happy occasion this time. 

The other nice thing about the visit to Bozeman was meeting one of my Dyehard sisters, Sandra. We had a great visit, wish it could have been longer, but we did get a lot discussed in 2 1/2 hours. 

I would enjoy going back there in the summer, but drive this time instead of fly.  Hard to tell what everything really looks like from the airplane.  It was interesting from that angle though.  Wyoming had a lot of snow on the ground!!!   

 A friend wrote that we missed the heat wave today as it hit 41 degrees, but they were headed back into single digits starting tonight.  Stay warm MT friends. 


  1. I love the color of blue in both your photos...great river shot!

  2. I think the filter helps a gerat deal. Thanks