Friday, April 29, 2011

Sneaking in another one

Thought I should get at least two posts in during April!  The wind is blowing again.  Can't say I have missed it this past week.  Another system is moving north of us, carrying moisture into WY, NE, and parts east.  Typical weather pattern since last fall.

The flower garden needs to be rebuilt.  We cut the apple tree down and now there is plenty of sun.  The tulips are hanging in there despite the mess they have to live in this year.  For some reason, spring has come and I am not ready this year.

The plants in the greenhouse are growing.  The tomatoes have been transplanted twice and will need to be transplanted again next week.  The petunias are looking very nice and will go into the containers and hanging baskets in a couple of weeks, along with verbena, nemesia, alyssum, love in a mist, poppies, and a few other flowering plants.  Doesn't seem like it should be time to do all of this again, but it is. 

The cucumber will stay in the greenhouse throughout the summer or until bugs move in and take it over.  We are hoping the bugs stay out for at least another month, two would be even better.  The cukes are the English variety.  They seem to like the greenhouse better than the conditions outside in the garden.  Can't imagine why those huge leaves don't like the wind in this part of the country??!!!! 

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