Friday, May 31, 2013

May is Gone!!!

Not sure where the heck this month went or 5 months in 2013!!  Time seems to be moving faster each day.

The garden is planted and everything is doing well.  This is one of our bed of cabbages.  Some of these will be used for sauerkraut.  They survived the transplant much better this year as it wasn't blazing hot.  We have Stonehead, Pixies, Bobcats, Blue Dynasty, Blue Thunder, Bourbon, Late Flat Dutch, Red cabbage and Caraflex.  There are shallots and peas in the bed behind the cabbages.
  Looking from the east gate to the west end of the hoop house.  The tomatoes are doing much better this year as well.  Our paste/sauce varieties this year are San Marzano, Viva Italia, Margherita, Daiquiri (these are real varities), Plum Regal, Martinos Roma, plus a few others.  We are trying a couple of Heirlooms this year, Black Krim and Costoluta.

The garlic has made up for lost time when it was frozen back in the deep freeze we had go through here in early April.  Some of it didn't make it back, in particular one of the Creoles.
We have a number of different varieties, trying them to see which ones we like the most.  A few are Siberian, Chesnok Red, Tuscan, German Red, Spanish Rojo, Italian Late and Duganski.  I even remembered to mark the rows and keep a copy of the plan, where I can find it.
 Our major project this year is an addition to our home.  This is the before photo and after waiting 5 months to stat, the process is underway.  We are turning the current office into the hallway, the extra bedroom into the office and adding a bedroom and my dream studio.  I will have everything together under one roof when we are finished.  It will be wonderful!!!  Joedy has all the cabinets built for the dyeing room.

This is how the house looked this morning after they were out here two days.  They have removed all the bricks from the front of the house, with the exception of the garage. The addition will be built on to the west wall that extends out.  So much for having both ends equal one another, but I can live with it.  There was an ash tree in the middle of the grass and it was removed several weeks ago.

They broke ground this morning, digging out the soil for the crawl space and footings.  I am finally getting a little excited about it.
We have looked at a lot of stuff, I have finally decided on paint colors for the cabinets, we found some brick we like for a couple of the interior walls, have the sliding doors figured out, found an old door from the original farm house that we will use between the dyeing room and studio area, so we are happy to be underway.  More to come as we move along with the project.  

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