Monday, June 3, 2013

June has arrived along with the WIND!!!

The wind has been blowing for 4 or 5 days now and I know for Eastern Colorado that is not an unusual thing, but I am tired of it!  It is starting to remind me of last year, which I would just as soon forget!

The studio is moving forward.  The crawl space has been dug out, footing forms are being put in place as I write and the concrete will be delivered this morning at 10:00.  

This is the hole and no we don't have much front yard left, but then we seldom used it anyway.  I think the trade off is a good one.  
  Joedy saw the hen turkey standing at the edge of the hole Friday evening, peering over the edge, looking a little lost.  Since Wed. they have lost their roosting spot, the electrical wire that hung across the back yard, and now their grazing area is a big hole in the ground.
This is what it now looks like out the front  door.  Not much of a view at the moment. 
I am finally getting excited about the end result, it is all the stuff in between that is going to be the pits.  Such as tearing the office apart, moving it and setting it back up, tearing the office walls out, and moving everything from the current studio over here and everything from the sewing room in the basement up to the new studio.  It really looks bad in writing.  

We did purchase the lighting fixtures yesterday that will hang over the cabinets on the south end of the studio area.  My big issue now is finding the proper flooring.  I need to make some phone calls and hopefully the flooring people will be forthright in their answers to my questions.  One always wonders if they just want to sell their product more than they want it to be what the customer is needing.  


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