Friday, June 28, 2013

The Studio

 I missed the floor joists and the sub-floor photos.  They are really not much to see, the walls are a lot more to my liking and show some real progress.  They have been moving right along lately.  Wish it could go faster, but that isn't the way building projects work.  It has been unbearably hot and I can't expect them to work on it day and night!!  Even though that would be fine with me.  

The second photo is from the corner of the garage, where I have taken a number of photos to document the building.  The area that comes forward in the photo is the north end of the studio where the storage area will be.  There is about 27' of wall on this end and it is going to be one of the focal points in the studio when it is completed.  That will come in time.
The hallway window is in the wall running into the the studio wall.

  The first photo was taken out the front door.  The new front door will be in the area of "Do it Best".  The window straight in front of me is the east window on the north end of the studio.

 This area is the hallway to the studio, which lines up with the current office, that also becomes part of the hallway and on the far side is a new bedroom.  It will have a small bathroom off it.  So now friends can come and stay and have their own 
private little suite.   

This photo shows the bathroom area.  It is also shared by the studio area.  I had a dream the other night that friends I have met from classes I have taken came and stayed at our home and we had a great time.  Barb from MI was here, along with the sisters from Maryland I met in David's class last fall, Ricky came from Canada, Keri from HI, Michelle from AL, Priscilla and Karen came from Texas and Hollis even showed up.  

This is a photo of the dyeing room.  I have to be careful when I say that and usually have to add "fabric" dyeing room.  I get some funny looks on occasion.  Joedy has the cabinets built for this room, has had them built for some time.  I have an awesome pantry type cabinet with numerous drawers in it where the dyes and chemicals will be stored.  On the wall shown in the photo there will be an opening for a small refrigerator to store unused dyed, a small 12" cabinet for some items, the sink and two other cabinets.  I will have 3' of one side of the sink and 5' on the other side of the sink to work.  I am not sure I am going to be able to handle that much room.  I currently have 17".  

The door going between the main studio area and the dyeing room will be at the end of the cabinets on this wall.  It is a special door as it came out of the original farm house that was built here.  When my f-i-l and m-i-l remodeled their house 30+ years ago, they took it out.  It has been stored and Joedy found it about a month ago.  I am very excited to have it be a part of the studio 

This shot was taken from the east side of the studio looking west.  I will have an awesome hutch that will hold my rulers and rotary cutters on the bottom that Joedy built.  The top is from the cabinets I currently have in my sewing room and it will hold books, it think.  Lots of decisions to make as to where things will go in the new studio.

This is the southeast corner of the studio and bedroom area.  The dyeing room is in the southeast corner with a door that will access the outside.  The rest is the studio area where some cabinets I currently have in the sewing room will be moved upstairs and set below the windows on the left hand side of the photo.  

They are putting the sheeting on the outside today and the trusses should be here sometime next week.  
We have a long way to go before the move in date, but we are getting closer. I did find the vinyl flooring I wanted, so that is one thing I don't have to worry about anymore.  That was a big consideration for me.  We did come across some really cool new flooring, but it is too much like the feel of tile when standing on it.  I am getting anxious, my dream studio is becoming more of a reality each day.  

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