Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catching Up

Thought it might be time to post again as there have been a few changes to the studio since last time, the garden is producing produce and we have most of the wheat cut.  

The wheat is less than fantastic this year, remarkable we had any to cut at all given the weather conditions it has suffered through. It has shown its resilience and toughness between the drought and the late freeze that killed some of it. 

The garden has finally managed to get ahead of the bugs, for the moment.  This photo was taken a week ago and things have really grown since.  I have enough tomatoes to can a pint or two, thought I might as well get started on that project. Picked the first green beans the other day, always a treat, the first batch.  I am sure they need picked again today.  
The cabbages are growing by leaps and bounds and have formed some very nice heads.  I am hoping the Stoneheads and the Caraflex produce some good sauerkraut later this summer.  I would say fall, but I have put up some of the best kraut in August.  I believe I am currently winning the battle with the aphids, but one never knows when those blasted little things can explode to uncontrollable levels.  

The progress seems slow when we are building something. Looking back on photos helps realize that progress is being made.  

This area is where the storage area will be eventually be built.  The open area is where the long arm will be located, the hallway between the old and new is in this area along with the furnace room, bathroom, and new bedroom.  
 The hallway wall has been put in place, along with the closet in the bedroom.  The window is our current office and that will be turned into the hallway, hopefully very soon.  The electricians were here and have most of the wiring done, the plumber was here the day before and has everything done that he can do for the time being.  

One of the big concerns we have had is lighting.  We have recessed lights in the ceiling and there will be track lighting on the beams above each work area.  I am a fan of track lighting in that it gets light where I need it when working on projects. Might not be aesthetically pleasing to some, but it is the best solution for my needs.  I have used Ott lights placed in track lighting above my long arm since I purchased it 14 years ago.

The track will hang on the bottom side of the beam/truss.  I think the type we chose will work well.  I didn't want the regular looking truss and found this online the other day, just in the neck of time as Dan was ready to build them.  They are difficult to see right now, but will show up better after they are wrapped with wood.   This photo also shows the storage area wall. It has a lot more work to be done on it.  More on that as it progresses.  The last photo is pretty boring to most, but I can't wait until the washer is hooked up.  That means I will be able to dye fabric again.  The A/C went the trip over at the old studio and I had to move all of the dyes out of there and store them in another location.  And I think I have mentioned that the water heater is less than safe and doesn't work part of the time.  I am ready to dye fabric again and looking forward to the washer sitting in front of the drain and hook up!!! 


  1. Wow it's looking good Susan. I hope all goes to plan with no set-backs for you and it gets finished quickly so you can be up and running :)

    1. You and me both. It seems like it is moving along very slowly, but that might be because I have no place to dye fabric now and everything is in chaos through out the rest of the house!