Sunday, July 21, 2013

Things going in the Studio

Before being stripped
We worked on the door that will be between the dyeing room and the main studio area.  This door came out of the original farm house when my in laws remodeled their home. It was just the right size and I thought it the perfect addition.  
After we used zip strip

Still need to do more work but when we have that done we will use a pecan stain.
  I have cleaned up the original hardware that goes on the door and found the other half of the hinges we needed on ebay.  

Corral Board
Wooden Windmill Leg
 The boards on either side are what my very talented husband turned into a work table.  I said I wanted something that looked like it had been around for awhile and he came up with what I wanted.  On the left are old corral boards and on the right is an old windmill leg.  

Work Table
 And this is what he made from that wood.   It is currently upside down on the work bench, but after it dries and a coat of poly is put on it, I will post a photo of the top side.  It took a great deal of work because of the cracks and knot holes in the wood due to its age.  We had to fill some of the knots and cracks 3 or 4 times with a resin.  I didn't want to lose beads, needles and small children in the cracks.

And then there are the cabinets that have been patiently waiting for months on end.  The dust has gathered on them, but hopefully they will soon be dusted off and moved into the dyeing room.  I am hoping that happens within the next month.
Base Cabinets for Dyeing Room
Cabinet for Dyes in back, sink base and upper cabinet
Uppers in Dyeing Room

  It will take come major dusting before moving them in.  The face frames will be painted after they have been set.  
  I hope to get some of the doors painted before we get to that point. Just need to find a little room to lay them out.

When the wall in the photo below is torn down, that will be a very happy day.  I won't have to go all the way around to get into the studio and I know that we are making some real progress at that point.  Of course the house will be in utter chaos, too.  BUT, I am looking forward to it!!!

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