Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moving Along

 Things are moving along again today.  Had a rain event, which at this point in time anything is welcome.  It did slow things a little yesterday, but I am not complaining as we need the rain!!!
    I am sure those in the upper Midwest were wishing that the rain would just stop in CO for awhile instead of heading their direction.  It is hard to watch the news and see their fields flooded back there and know they are having another tough year.  

  The photo above is how it looked on Tuesday morning.  It wasn't long before it was a beehive of activity with 5 wheel barrows moving the concrete to the footing area.  They managed to keep all the wheel barrows upright and didn't have any wrecks.  
  So the footings are poured, had only one minor mud slide onto the concrete.  They are here today to put up the forms so they can pour the crawl space walls, I think tomorrow?
  I enjoy watching the process and learn something new about building each time we have done it.  I am glad the guys that have built for us over the years have been able to read my plans, even though they aren't always quite the way they should be.  

  Things are looking good so far and it will become more of a reality today, once the forms are in place.   


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