Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The project

The most exciting thing is that the new front door is now in, but it has clear glass in the top and the side lights instead of leaded glass.   Hopefully the correct glass has been ordered and hopefully it will take less than 2 months to get here.   Doubtful though, as it took that long for the door to get here to begin with and it really isn't anything that special.  I sure hope the guy at the hardware store can handle it and doesn't think it is more than we should be spending to replace the glass though, if he does he might cancel the order.  Love it when others know how we should be spending our money.  Great thing about living in a small town!!!!!
They did come and insulate the walls with the spray-on insulation the other day and now they are putting the batts in the ceiling.  The guys who will hang the sheet rock are scheduled to be here tomorrow and the new office window will be put in and the closet rebuilt on one end and maybe we can start putting our office back together. I live in hope!!!!  

The garden is starting to produce, I put up 7 qts. of dills yesterday, 6 pts. of tomatoes a couple of weeks ago and working on some salsa today.   The green beans have been delicious and we have been enjoying cabbage.  There are some that think they want to become kraut already so that is on the agenda tomorrow.
I also need to make the tissue holders for Guild.  They are to be favors for those attending the Quilt Show in Oct.  Have them cut out and ready to go.  Another project for tomorrow.  

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