Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Windows

If I knew how to put a large red circle with a slash through it I would put it on these Eagle windows made by Andersen!  They are nothing but a piece of very expensive junk!!!!!  And if you are thinking of buying Andersen windows, think long and hard before throwing your money down the drain with all the dirt you will be cleaning out of them!!!

What you see on the INSIDE ledge of the window is dirt, not just dust, but dirt and other particles of debris and I cleaned it up once before this photo was taken.  And there was another one that was worse yet!!!

These windows are the brand new windows in the studio, office and bedroom.  There are twelve of them and every single one of them leaks air, therefore dirt, dust and whatever else is blowing around in the air, when the winds are blowing, comes right under the the window.  If we had a blizzard it would be snow coming in and ruining the windows.

We purchased them through our contractor who is building the studio from a local dealer here in town.  Of course I got the usual lip service of it being an easy fix with this and that, well guess what, that didn't work and it has been a couple of weeks now and the dirt has blown several more times since the initial big blow and there has been more dirt and dust.  

Andersen is suppose to be sending some replacement weather stripping.  If it is the same stuff that is in there now, it won't work.  It is a poorly designed window!!!!  That seems to be the name of the game these days, proclaim you have a high quality product and sell junk.  Two of the casements aren't even square.  One is over 3/8" out of square.  That is Eagle quality by Andersen!!!!  
We spent extra money on the insulation in order to help keep dirt and dust out of the studio, extra on the can lights to keep dirt and dust out of the studio to no avail because of the windows.  
The studio is coming along, but at this point in time, I wish we hadn't built it because of the issues with the windows.  

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