Sunday, August 25, 2013

Freedom and Chaos

 Thought I should update the blog.  It has been so hectic that I haven't had time or access to the computer most of the time to do any posting.   There has been some positive progress made with the studio.  We are finally to the painting stage!!!!

 We did take a few days off last week and went camping in the mountains.  Camped at a friend's ranch.  The weather was great, had a heck of a thunderstorm on Sunday though.  Nothing like being in the mountains with lightning all around. It was a very enjoyable trip, just too short.  

It was a bit depressing to come back home to the chaos.  There is not a room in the house that hasn't been touched by the addition in some way. Dust abounds everywhere!!!!!  We took up the sticky plastic that we have had down on the carpet and replaced it with some fresh.  There is a plastic curtain hanging in the hallway until the sheet rock and texturing is completed.   I will be thrilled when it comes down permanently.  

  It remains folded up to the ceiling unless the dust is flying.  We took the wall out that separated the new addition from the rest of the house Tuesday night.  We decided we had waited long enough and why leave it to those guys.  We left the messy part up on the ceiling for the guys though.
  We had already removed one ceiling from a closet in the house when we remodeled 17 years ago and had an idea it would be a very big mess as they didn't believe in putting anything up there to hold the sheet rock and insulation up if there weren't any walls doing the job when the original house was built.  And that is exactly the way this one was, too.  

dyeing room
 The walls in the dyeing room have been painted once, need to paint the dark one again.  I really liked using the dark paint as it widened out the room and didn't make it feel so long and narrow.  As soon as that wall is painted, there will be some cabinets going up on the wall to the right.  My cabinet builder is ready and waiting anxiously for the moment.  

south end of  studio area
They will start on the underlayment in the areas where there is vinyl either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday.  That will be a big day when it is completed 
as well as the base  cabinets can be set.  I hope it will continue to come together each week and be in the studio in a month's time.

The beams are being prepped for what they will become.  Will post the end result.  I think they will look pretty darned good when completed.  

The bricks were delivered on Wednesday and we picked up tile and vinyl yesterday in Denver.  The doors, counter top, and large window, providing it was ordered weeks ago (no faith in the guy that was suppose to order it and it was a mystery to the one guy at the lumber yard the other day when checked on), all should be here sometime this week.  

The stucco guys were here yesterday and put some of the chicken wire on the outside so that should be underway tomorrow as well.

 Of course all is not well as the a/c is leaking on the floor in the furnace room. That took a few phone calls to convince the installer that we knew what the heck we were complaining about.  Always have to have some wrinkle in the plan.

  Picked up the barn door hangers the other day so we can start building the doors once the cabinets are out of the wood shop.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The project

The most exciting thing is that the new front door is now in, but it has clear glass in the top and the side lights instead of leaded glass.   Hopefully the correct glass has been ordered and hopefully it will take less than 2 months to get here.   Doubtful though, as it took that long for the door to get here to begin with and it really isn't anything that special.  I sure hope the guy at the hardware store can handle it and doesn't think it is more than we should be spending to replace the glass though, if he does he might cancel the order.  Love it when others know how we should be spending our money.  Great thing about living in a small town!!!!!
They did come and insulate the walls with the spray-on insulation the other day and now they are putting the batts in the ceiling.  The guys who will hang the sheet rock are scheduled to be here tomorrow and the new office window will be put in and the closet rebuilt on one end and maybe we can start putting our office back together. I live in hope!!!!  

The garden is starting to produce, I put up 7 qts. of dills yesterday, 6 pts. of tomatoes a couple of weeks ago and working on some salsa today.   The green beans have been delicious and we have been enjoying cabbage.  There are some that think they want to become kraut already so that is on the agenda tomorrow.
I also need to make the tissue holders for Guild.  They are to be favors for those attending the Quilt Show in Oct.  Have them cut out and ready to go.  Another project for tomorrow.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Update on Studio

We received approval from the electrical inspector  to "close it up"!!!    That is a new term, which I have learned a few of on this project, new terms and new sayings that is.   Some more interesting than others.  We can now move forward.

The spray foam insulation guys are here this morning.  We are having the walls sprayed and the crawl space sprayed.   Hopefully it will  seal it up and stop the dirt and dust from penetrating the structure, as best one can prevent that from happening out here.
The guy who will bring the gas line to the outside of the building stopped by to see where he needed to bring it in and the carpenters are working on the soffit.  That is one time consuming and tedious job.

Everything is ordered and on its way, the vinyl, bricks, tile.  Hopefully the front door makes an appearance on Wednesday.  That will be the next big addition and then the sheet rocking might begin on Thurs. or the following Monday, along with the stucco on the outside.  So things will change quickly in the studio and I am ready for that next step!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I will have some new photos once my computer is set up and running again.  I need to work on perfecting my skills of getting photos from other areas and to the iPad.