Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That's enough

I have decided that it is time to clean off the top of the desk. I also need to back up files on the main computer. I have decided these two jobs go hand in hand. I get distracted with the cleaning part and don't pay attention to the computer and it has time to slowly do it's thing without me impatiently clicking on the mouse. Right now it is not co-operating, which is very typical. The desk is doing much better. I would say that I do know more about the computer since it doesn't like to do much of what it is suppose to and have to figure things out on occasion to make it work. Not anything very deep, complex or involved, but a few things.

I have also been busy on several other projects. The journal class is moving right along. Journal 1/ 2 is now completed. Lesson #3 was posted Friday and it is now Tuesday. So need to get on that and back to the wedding dress quilt project. I also need to clean the counter off in the sewing room and find a few things that I could not find last night when looking. Fortunately it had not been that long since I used them and remembered that I do have it someplace down there.

The outside garden is growing. The tomatoes are slowly issuing new growth and are still setting on those little tomatoes. Squash, beans, cukes and dill are all up now. We had our first cucumber on Sunday, it came from the greenhouse. One of the cucumber plants in the greenhouse has a 'cable' stem. Will try to remember to get a photo of it and post it. Very interesting. Something didn't get read correctly when that thing started growing. Hmmm, reminds me of the computer.

Back to work on this desk/computer project. It is something that I need to finish, as quickly as possible too. Both drive me crazy.

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