Monday, June 30, 2008

The Internet

I have been having computer problems and I was suppose to get a new computer. As with all things new in this category, nothing ever works out the way it is suppose to. The old computer is still here, sort of, as all it is doing at the moment is powering the wireless router. I have lost all e-mails from the past week and that account is non-existent at the moment. Hopefully this too will be resolved shortly. I do not like change when it comes to things like this simply because it is a pain in the butt!!!!

I have been sewing this past week. Need to do much more in that area. The journal classes are not going so well since I have not been home much this past week and I can't access the last lesson, due to the e-mail difficulties. I did find some fun papers and found some great sale items while in Denver this past weekend. I also keep thinking I should be using at least one of these journals I have made.

The garden has finally taken off as it is warming up. There are 3 baby zucchinis setting on, along with numerous tomatoes. The cucumbers in the garden are slow as are the green beans. We have been eating English cucumbers that are grown in the greenhouse. They do not like the Colorado climate outside the greenhouse.

I have gathered some flowers and have pressed them. I believe they are dry enough to use in the paper making at this point. I have wanted to do this for some time so will attempt it soon and post the results. I would also like to do some dyeing this week, it has been months since I have dyed anything.

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