Sunday, July 6, 2008

July is here !!!!!!!

Can you believe it??!!! It is July 6th already and we have less than 6 months to go before this year, 2008, is over. Not sure I have much to show for the last 6 months, not near as much as I had planned on having done, but that is normal.

Wheat harvest is underway. Hoping it goes well and everyone stays safe. The corn is still growing slowly. We really haven't had many hot days, but the last few have made up for it. We received some blessed moisture last week. Still way behind in that category.

Still working on journals in Sue B's classes from Two Creative Studios that I started 5 and 6 weeks ago. Haven't made much progress in that arena either. I would like to get some of the papers made today or journals, either would do. I will have to see how that works out.

I am still cleaning the sewing room as well. I can't figure out why I am always cleaning things and putting things away or trying to find a place to put something away, but I never seem to get anything completed. Something is wrong here.
Uncovered the quilt I am making for my mom. Hmmmm, her birthday is coming up shortly, maybe I should get it done for that? I started on this one before Christmas and did well for a long time, then Christmas happened, then taxes right after the first of the year, then the remodeling project, starting plants in the greenhouse, then Paducah, then planting all those little plants into pots and hanging baskets, the garden and yard and now harvest and still the garden and yard.

I did get a new computer, not sure all the internet troubles were related to the old computer though as I am still having trouble. The test will be the posting of photos on this blog, couldn't do that on the old one. I will have to take some photos to post too. Another thing to add to the list.

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