Thursday, June 12, 2008

Almost Summer

It is hard to believe that it is the 12th of June already. I guess that is what today is and the year will be half over in 18 more days. That is what is really amazing to me!!! I told someone if I am ever knocked unconscious not to ask the date or the day. I won't get them right. I am lucky anymore if I know what year it is, I put '07 on a check the other day.

I am having technical difficulties when posting photos. They all end up at the top of the post and then I can't move them. One of those things I will have to work on as time goes by. I originally had three photos on here and now have one. I was doing good to get it down

To the right is a photo of the journal I made in Sue Bleiweiss' mixed media journal class. I used batik fabric for the cover which is the fabric with the squares on it and you can see it on the tags. The lining has the floral image stamped on it. The tags are made by fusing fabric to card stock. These are kept in pockets or envelopes on the signature pages. I did sew the signature pages into the journal. I do like this method.

I need to start working on the next one as our third lesson will be posted tomorrow. I am also taking her other 12 week journal class and it started last week. The best thing is that I can use the journal I need to make for both classes this week. Wasn't that thoughtful of Sue?. Several of us are in both classes. So more journals to come and hopefully I will figure out this photo business.

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